We have put our eCommerce Solution at the service of very good causes. Select gifts and send them as a greeting, to the people that matter most to you.

Celebrate life’s main events with gifts that save lives: a thousand days of basic child care, low-energy kitchens, school bathrooms, seed and tool kits, emergency therapeutic food, a cow or dairy goat, help to build a storage tank of water, etc.

We share the vision of Action Against Hunger (for a world without hunger), and that is why we have decided to be involved at all levels. We have always been clear about the social orientation of our Company Project, and even though  we are small, we have decided to take action like the big companies.

Gifts Against Hunger is a good example of how Electronic Commerce can go further in the use of technological solutions and capabilities, very common in commercial environments, to change the approach and use a different approach in terms of “Fundraising” or capturing funds.

We are very happy that Action Against Hunger uses Essenzial Cloud solutions.

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