Ideas to boost your online business and adapt your digital strategy.
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eLearning: improving your results

La formación digital (eLearning) puede contribuir significativamente a los resultados de su compañía, incluso si su negocio no tiene nada que ver con la educación.

How to improve your internet business

When starting their "digital journey", many companies simply try to "migrate" their current business model to the Internet. And this approach is not the most appropriate, because the network offers a host of new possibilities unthinkable until now for the business. And they must be investigated before diving into technological "battles".

Has the Internet reached companies? - 2

We now wanted to emphasize the main obstacles that our SMEs find when closing that digital divide, seeing as they are convinced of the need to do so.

Now it's La Roja's turn

The future has a name, a middle name and a surname: Collaboration, Ecosystem and Synergy. Put them in the order you prefer, but the way to add more, while remaining competitive, is to find the companies that best complement your services

Has the Internet reached companies? - 1

There is a long way to go for our Spanish SMEs in understanding how digital technology and the internet can expand their businesses, if not completely reinvent them.

I like Accenture Culture

Arriving at the Firm in my mid forties meant returning to "charging all the batteries", and being able to hope again and feeling prouder than ever of my profession.

Open what?

OPEN CONSULTING The way of doing Consulting needed to change. If the big consultants still think that they can easily charge huge sums of money for their services, they are wrong.

Oriented to the Future

In the coming years, when young people have their own resources, then eCommerce will really explode. Buying on the Internet is 100% natural for them. They have grown up with new habits.

Bridging a bridge

We have put our eCommerce Solution at the service of very good causes. Select gifts and send them as a greeting, to the people that matter most to you.

Networking from scratch

Networking from scratch is doing what has been done all along, but taking advantage of the current tools that technology has put within our reach.

A beer for everyone

Historically, small and medium-sized companies have been at a disadvantage, with respect to large companies, in everything related to their Information Systems.