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Historically, small and medium-sized companies have been at a disadvantage, with respect to large companies, in everything related to their Information Systems.

For the former, it was impossible to face the high costs represented by having the technology that could allow them a reasonable growth over time, and an increase in their productivity.

Internet, at first, radically changed the scenario, so that the size of organizations was no longer a key factor seen and communicated through this new channel. Because of this, a great opportunity or window was opened, through which to peek at and show the products, services, references, etc., which also acted as a sales tool.

But again, the cost of all the infrastructure and software, in the first stages of the Internet, made access difficult for many.

But this changed

It has only been in recent years, with the appearance of a new concept called “Cloud Computing” that everything has changed radically. If we add to this the use of software and Open-Source leading platforms at zero cost, we are talking about “Real Democracy” for IT.

Through this new approach, companies are dedicated to doing what they know, and hire services in the cloud through which they can immediately have the same presence and arrival to potential customers on the Internet, as any large corporation, but at a minimal cost. This is possible, thanks to the fact that there are companies, such as Essenzial , that offer complete solutions (infrastructure, platform and software) for a small initial start-up cost and a very small monthly fee for the services provided.

So far everything sounds very good, right?

But now, let’s stop with nice words and …

Let’s take action

  • Who in the Spanish market has merged the 2 paradigms (Cloud and Open-Source) into one, integrating # 1’s in Content Management, eCommerce, eLearning and CRM?
  • Who has accelerators to provide implantations in less than 1 month?
  • Who, of those who can answer the first two questions, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Consultancy and therefore able to transform the SME and help the Entrepreneur, the price of a pair of sneakers per month?

Many were waiting for him.

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  • Have you identified your main Marketing, Sales and Customer Service processes?
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